A humble appeal on behalf of Grama Bharathi is made to the generosity of the donors, contributors, philanthrophists to extend their co-operation

  1. One year expenditure of a child … Rs. 15,000/-

  2. 6 months expenses of a child … Rs. 7,500/-

  3. One day expenses of food of childrens at ‘Aawasam’ Rs. 1,500/-

  4. One year education expenditure of A child Rs. 2,000/-

  • By individual cash donations
  • By contributing their skills and talents
  • By sharing the responsibility in the organization
  • By contributing daily needs such as Rice, Dal, Oil, Clothes, etc.

CORPUS FUND : Any other amount deposited for a fixed period and the interest accrued therein will be used for day to day expenditure of “Awasam” and add Donors/Depositors shall be entitled to withdraw their F.d. amount after expiration of such period or the same can be donated to the organization for its expansion, construction etc.

NOTE : All donations are exempted from I.T. under Section 80 G. The cheques or D.D. have to be in the name of “GRAMA BHARATHI”.

M. VISHV MITRA 9000161607

P. JAGAT REDDY 91907483409

G. NARASIMHA 9866295792

Direct Donations

Grama Bharathi/SBI,


Account number 10006591956

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