About Us

Grand Bharathi was established in 1997 as a NGO with the sole objective off making Indian villages self-sufficient vibrant while preserving natural resources.

Grama Bharati has several aims and objectives which together would help realize in making the Indian villages independent and self-reliant. The NGO was started by few dedicated social workers and quickly grew into a statewide dedicated volunteer social workers group. These volunteers continue to grow and operate. This dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the

projects get implemented with tangible results time and again. Grama Bharathi has volunteers across Telangana state covering all the 31 Districts of Telangana State. Each district has a district level committee and to a large extent operates autonomously dealing with complicated local issues and finding solutions to solve those issues. Each district level committee works very closely with the state body which is headquartered in Hyderabad city the capital of Telangana. The state governing committee off Grama Bharathi is comprised of well-known social workers who specialize in operating these projects successfully and have a deep understanding off the local problems, culture, people, landscape and the environment.

Grama Bharathi has a huge volunteer base and a robust farmer membership across all the 31 districts of Telangana. Grama Bharathi implements projects which cover every aspect of the rural life in the state of Telangana. The Integrated Rural Development projects include the following but are not limited to them.

Grama Bharathi operates a boy’s hostel, a horticulture college, conducts frequent farmer training in adopting natural farming methods, water conservation, animal husbandry techniques including saving the natives cow breeds of India, integrated farming techniques, women and child health, development of schools in remote rural areas, promoting Indian Culture and heritage, promoting spiritual health of the rural communities while ensuring these rural areas become self-reliant. Grama Bharathi conducts weekly zoom sessions every Sunday evening in educating farmers about natural farming methods, seed rotation, farming techniques, farming instrumentation, natural way of pest and insect control, innovative nonchemical solutions in dealing with pest and insect problems in the natural farming. Grama Bharathi also as an NGO stands behind its members or for that matter any farmer in understanding their problems in real time and help solve those problems as needed. Most of the farmers who follow Grama Bharathi have low literacy rates with very limited communication skills. Grama Bharathi volunteers make every effort to ensure these farmers and their problems are well understood and stay with them until the problems are solved.

Apart from the farming arena Grama Bharathi teams spend a lot of time understanding the infrastructure issues in villages. They work hand in hand with the local population to find creative solutions in building the rural infrastructure. Water conservation is one of the key areas Grama Bharathi has worked in the past which includes building of check dams, installation of RO systems, in building water table recharge pits which allows rainwater to replenish groundwater by recharging the underground aquifers.