New Strides Towards Integrated Rural Development A Case Study

New Strides Towards Integrated Rural Development A Case Study

Name of Village : Kollampally Tahashil : Narayanpet District : Palamoor (Mahabubngar) State : Western Andhra Pradesh Population : 6028 Approach Route : On Palamoor to Narayanpet 3Kms of Main Road.

Position of the Village

The Village is surrounded by hills on northern side. It was called Kollampally because of the abundant water resources and lake. The main profession in the village is Aggriculture, carpentors, potters, Gold smiths, Bamboo Craftsmen, cobblers, Washermen, Barbers, Weavers, Mansons, Beedi Workers, Cattle Breeders and labourers also live there. This region falls in low rain falls zone. Aggriculture and Plantations are irrigated from Borewells. Every dwelling (Colony) has got a small temple. There are 30 such Temples in the Village.

Poverty and illitrecy are the common face of it here. Untouchability and petty fightings used to be the name of the day. Lords of Banjara tribesmen live in the nearly hills

Village Development

An activity by name Grameena Vikasa Parishad was started in 1990. A Primary School by name “Keshava Shishu Mandir” was started as an initial activity. Education is provided with nominal fees in this School. Poor, Schedule Caste (Harijan), and Sheduled Tribe Children are benifitted from the school. School premisis has a green belt with fruit and flavoury trees, plants creepers etc., the children have taken the initiative. Co-curricular activities like Games, sports, drama, art etc., are part of the academics along with cultural activities & Education. The 217 Students in the school are from the poor and economically challenged sections of the society.

A saving scheme by name “Sri Vivekananda Grameena Podupu Sangham” has been initiated . for the self reliance of the rural youth. A smaller amounts of Rs. 25/-, 50/-, 100/- per month are put together by the villagers and those needy take the required amount as loan with 1.5 % interest the repayment rate is 89%. The programm has given alot of confidence that the villagers themselves could save daily. There are 170 members of the savings fund with a deposit of rupees 5 laks. A committee has been organised to look after the affairs of the savings fund (Organisation). Several self help groups have been formed along with savings fund. The outcome was innovative and the villagers decided to buy a tent house equipment with the savings fund. The local school has been hosting the meetings run by us in Sri Keshava Shisu Mandir.

” Aditya Village Development Committee” is an effort for Integrated Rural Development with welfare of the whole village established in 2000 . Responsibility of all aspects of village development has been taken care by this committee.

One Community building by name “Aditya Village Service Bhavan” was constructed in October 2002. A study centre also runs daily in the night in this building. About 50 boys of the village attend daily for the free tution center to help them in their studies. A voccational training cum knitting centre is run every Sunday for girls. About 25 Girls attend and learn various types of knitting.

All the training and community initiatives are organised in the building. This building has become centre of activity. In the backward locality of the village, a centre for teaching our culture to children, in service locality a weekly devotional songs function, in Hanuman Temple of this locality a weekly gathering of women are conducted.

Every month exepierences and exchange of ideas etc., discussion held. Tempel, School and village roads are cleaned. Plants have been grown in school premises and on main roads of the village.

The health camp young men and women are taught health practices.

In the aggricultural camp specialists teach aggricultural especially use of Biological Menance

In small sectar industrie camp 32 young wemen have been given training.

Recently with the financial help of CAPART, an activity of “environmental uplift of Kollampally village” is being started.


The Village has been much benifited from village development programme.

  1. Childrens have been given good cultural moderesting in their families.

  2. Literacy has improved by about 75%. The number of students has also increased.

  3. By self exeperience method, the village has got social understandings.

  4. Ladies gathering have been formed. Mother forum meets every saturday.

  5. Young men are engaged in various activities.

  6. The spirit of “Swadeshi” is visible. The red powder for worship (Kumkum), Bath Powder (Shampoo), Agarbatti etc., are prepared the village and used by the villages themselves.

  7. They have been succeeded in developing the village Panchayat system.

  8. The atmosphere appears pleasant in the village due to plantation.

  9. Due serving organisation and self help groups good saving has taken place amoung ladies.

  10. Awareness has increase about health due to health training camps.

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