Gram Bharati came into picture on 1996. Its long-term initiatives focus on comprehensive rural development


Grama Bharati would be a known organization in channelizing the people strengths for integrated development of villages i.e AGRICULTURE , HORTICULTURE FARMING SECTORS and resources. (particularly in States of Telangana)

Problems in FARMING sector

  • Dependency
  • Disturbs AGRO ECO SYSTEM


  • To provide AGRICULTURE,HORTICULTURE FARMAR professionals support in collective development efforts in general and for self –sufficiency and self- reliant villages in particular.

  • Organizing ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING awareness training programs for FARMARS.

  • To build concepts on water conservation, environment protection and bio–diversity.

  • Also monitoring the implementation process of ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING by INDIAN FARMING COMMUNITY.


  • Desi /Indian cow can answer independent farming.
  • Increases SOIL micro biol activity
  • Sustainable soil health will produce healthy food
  • Cow based pesticides will not disturb environment and AGRO ECO SYSTEM
  • Zero usage of fertilizers and pesticides will save the Farmer and village and economy
  • Single Desi cow provides inputs for 30 acre cultivation
  • Does the CATTLE population also saved
  • RS 60,000 CRORES of Government subsidy on FERTILISERS can be saved i.e Foreign Exchange.
  • ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING Society formation is under the process .


Gram Bharathi has started its mission for the Upliftment of socially, economically and homeless down trodden children in the name of poor “ACHARYA NAGARJUNA BALURA AWASAM” on a 20 acres of land Village of Marrigudem, in Nalagonda District of A.P. This is in starting with 10 students, now running with 38 students for of 4th to 10th Class.

With moral and financial support of several donars and well wishers, we could able to built of a good hostel with area of 400 sqy with all facilities at a cost of 30 lakhs. And one more new hostel is planned to build as a extension of it

Primary Objective

Providing basic amenities like free food, clothing & shelter apart form education and home to live in, are the primary objectives of the “Aawasam”. Initially it started only with 10 children and the number is increased to 38 at present with comfordable accommodation and running successfully.

Health Aspect

Health of the children being another important agenda, Gram Bharati conducts regular camps with the aid of local and specialist Doctors on the campus and also in the local climics and hospitals for regular health check-up and examination.


For IV to VIII Standards 38 children are persuing primary and secondary education in different Govt. and private institutions and demonstrating their exceptional talent in different subjects and fields of activities by scoring outstanding marks. Apart from regular course of education, the teachers in the “Awasam” are making all possible effort to train the children by imparting moral & ethical values with health & hygience related disciplines.

Overall Responsibility and Development

All types of cultural and national festivals are celebrated at “Awasam” with respective traditional importance involving children in different cultural activities. Gram Bharathi is particularly emphasizing on the importance of Agriculture which is the backbone of our Economy by involving children in different programmes of growing plants of fruits, flowers and vegetable on the campus apart from developing cow-based farming and cultivation of organic Agricultural products. The money earned by sale of these produces like flowers, fruits, vegetable and milk products are used for the consumption of children for the imporovement of their diet and nutrition every day.

Special Teaching

Many donors and other elderly persons who are closely connected with the concept of Gram Bharathi in qite often visit the place and impart valuable guidance to the children apart of generously donations in cash and kind for the cause.

Talent of Students

Six children excelled, 2 stood 1st and 2nd on District level and one boy stood 4th on National level in “BHAGVAT GEETA CHANTING” and other competitions apart from winning medals and prizes in different other chosen field of activity and received appreciation from the dignitaries by their performance.

Children at “Aswasam” are involved in different types of cultural activites like Yoga, vedic chanting, arts, crafts, music, dance, painting and singing devotional Bhajans, Kolatam and patriotic songs. Many Personalities with rich and affluent background are coming forward in large numbers by contributing generously in the shape of cash and kind as per their ability.

Many celebtate their festivals and important moments in their lives (Eg; Birthday, Anniversary, Sasthipurthy etc;), Birth/death anniversaries of their departed souls by donating time, money with the children of Awasam.

We Sincerely appeal to all those generous, like minded people to feel their social responsibility in the over all development and bridging the gap between the rich and poof by extending their cooperation in supporting the social cause.

It is a call to each and every one of us to participate in this great cause of development of humanity with an attempt to march towards a noble cause and on opportunity to obtain the blessings of God.